Say Bye Bye To Yahoo As It Is Shutting Down On 17 July

Though there are various apps which are present today, Yahoo Messenger’s shut down is not less than saying bye-bye to an era.

It was the first ever instant messaging app folks!

What is Special?

Today, on Tech Talk Sehrish, we are announcing  Yahoo Messenger’s shut down on the 17th July.

Certainly, it has been trying its best to catch up with other relatable messaging apps to secure a place in the messaging world where Facebook and other social giants are quite ahead.

Noteworthy Point!

However, Presently, the brand does not have any other item that can replace Yahoo Messenger completely.

The company informs, “We are consecutively trying new apps and services, one of those services is Yahoo Squirrel (invite the only group based messaging app).

Additionally, as per the reports, Yahoo began Squirrel’s testing last month.

Here is the link

It has been observed that Yahoo was not breaking out the users of Messenger for a couple of months, and theoretically, people who were logged into any Yahoo platform seems to be logged into Messenger too.

For the last two decades, hundreds of millions of individuals have utilized the service, according to the company.

Twist & Some Good News for Yahoo Users

Furthermore, the officials have revealed that user ID will remain intact for the other services, such as fantasy posts and mail.

The organization has not been specific about the cause of this big decision of terminating messenger, but things speak themselves that the wind is in favor of WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, WeChat, Snapchat and the bundle of other options.

Certainly, there is no second opinion that the customers availed this very first chat app that was one of its own kind at the time of its launch.


the social media has changed quite rapidly; every platform and app is striving to take things to another level in the form of the effectiveness of their tools.

The fact is undeniable that today, Yahoo is not so popular, as it used to be in its initial years.

Moreover, the company has informed that the users can download chat history on messenger for the next half year by simply visiting this link here.

The files and data will be transferred to another device or your PC and, apparently, not on any other messaging app.

Do remember, In the year of 1998, Yahoo messenger first time made its debut in the form of Yahoo pager.

It was definitely an instant hit as a substitute to email or messages via mobile sets.

It was not affiliated to any one particular service provider that was another plus point for it at that time.

Unfortunately, just like other services of last decade, the first generation of messaging was not able to cope up with its fellow competitors. Most of them are swiftly taking things ahead in every aspect.

Bonus Info:

Interestingly, WhatsApp was a creation of ex-Yahoo workers.

That is the way cookie crumbles…!!!

RIP Yahoo Messenger!

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