21 Web App Ideas That You Don’t Want to Miss In 2021

Web app ideas are not easy to come up with. The most challenging part of developing a web app is to think of an idea; a plan that will work.

If previous statements are relatable, you are not alone. Having a brilliant idea can be a deal maker or breaker.

However, it is possible to have web app ideas that can solve issues. They will not only be expensive but also challenging.

Thus, we have selected a list of web app ideas which you can go through before deciding your next web app development.

But, before we start, remember ideas mainly focus on three main areas

  • Something that beginners can work on
  • Adding smart projects in the portfolio
  • Money generating ideas


21 Web App ideas in 2021:

Health Care:

Health is everything. We all need a doctor either for a regular checkup or consultation on the severe health issue. We all have busy schedules.

It is not easy to go for regular checkups or have proper appointments.

This kind of Web app that can make appointments without much fuss will be a good start.

Example: Doctor Finder


Dashboard for CEO:

Today data is easy to reach, but when it comes to accessibility to that data, it does not come easy. Thus, CEO Dashboards are in high demand where they can show a simple analysis of complex data.

When you are in B2B, it may happen that your heads are always asking you for reports. Memorizing all the metrics with precise accuracy on the tip of the tongue is not a humanly task at all.

Therefore, managers certainly need this kind of product. Through such web app ideas, they can show data analysis to their bosses in a professional and efficient way.

When there is a problem/ pain, there is an opportunity.

Building a CEO dashboard will let CEOs view reports with their chosen metrics.

The demand is indeed going to increase as much as people are integrating technology and data-driven strategies in their businesses.

Example: Executive Dashboards from Klipfolio


Invoice Generator:

When the customers shop something, the bill they get in a hard copy with all the details. A web app that can generate an invoice on the phone just via scanning a barcode of the items would be great.

Example: Free Invoice Generator


CRM For Startups:

Managing customer relationships is a must for any given businesses, whether it is a startup or well-established business venture. The CRM market is full of competition.

Hubspot like of names is common in the industry. However, it does not mean you cannot start.

Your target market is not well-established businesses, but your target market should be startups/new setups/ medium level businesses.

Moreover, the best part is setting up a CRM web app for startups/freelancer does not need a lot of work. Even within 7 to 8 days, you can build one.

The only thing that you should focus when you are on this project, make it super simple.

This will be the USP for you against your competitors that are working on CRM building. Startups usually do not have much time, team, or advancement to deal with all the things at once.

Thus, building a simple and quick interface will let them connect with their customers easily.

 Simplicity should be your mantra.

Example: Pipe Drive Simple CRM


A Platform For Retreat Management:

The current value of wellness tourism industry is $639 and is estimated to increase $919 by 2022, according to the Global Wellness Institute report.

All major health retreats are using PMS (Property Management Software) in hotels. However, all the handling is on paper.

The word “paper” is the opportunity here. Building a Web app can be tiring in this idea, but the potential market has worth.

The web app work will revolve around managing accommodation, meals, activities, and bookings.

Moreover, the system can also cater to the management of housekeeping, payments, and staff. Wellness retreats come under well tourism, and their trend is increasing rapidly.

Example: Retreat.guru/booking (Retreat Management Software)


Presentation (online)

Life is busy, and sometimes it gets tough to arrange a presentation for other team members. However, the cloud presentation app has saved the day.

It is something that all the team members can easily collaborate on and give ideas for the presentation and create something meaningful. Making presentations online trend is on the rise.

Example: Google Slides 


Gift Delivery Via App Use:

Without visiting the shop, delivering gifts is a great idea that complements well our busy life schedules. Time is short, and we don’t get a chance to search for gifts thoroughly.

This app can come handy in choosing the gift from selecting flowers to expensive gift items and can deliver to the given address on the delivery portal by the user.

Example: Present Bee


Web App For Students:

This Web app development idea can help you to locate tutors for students. Tutors, according to the subjects, will be the model of this app.

This idea will let students connect with relevant tutors without much hassle. Moreover, this app can help to locate the tutors in the nearest location

Example: Tutor Finder


Home Services:

We all need a helping hand when it comes to mechanics, plumbers, or electricians; the purpose of this web app will be locating the home services 24/7.

This is a good idea as it can work area wise as well as city or country wise.

The approach is scalable where you can start from a town or some specific area, and later you can expand the scope.

Example: EasyCert Mobile and Cheep-24×7 local Home Services


Web App For Disaster Alerts:

To avoid significant loss and calamities, the development of this web app will give notifications for disasters and storms.

With the help of API integration can work for the weather forecast, even weather API is a possibility today.

 This idea has a high success rate in areas around the world where natural disasters are quite common, and people can utilize this app to keep themselves alert.

Example: Disaster Alert


Food Web App:

Nothing is soothing than having your favorite meal at your doorstep.

However, if the home delivery charges are equivalent to the food item that you have ordered, it might be not so rational to opt for home delivery.

So when this problem is present, the opportunity for tackling this situation is present too.

The solution is a Web app development that cannot only locate places for your food preferences but also it lets you compare the home delivery charges of different food outlets.

Hence, in the comfort of your home, you can enjoy the food at the most affordable price.

Example: Food Panda


Cooking Web App:

This can be an excellent solution for bachelors or people who are not skilled in cooking, but they have to cook as a compulsion.

This app can enable people to cook as per the availability of ingredients by suggesting that what recipes are possible with the available ingredients.

This can be useful for people who are living away or in different cities, and they manage cooking on their own.

Example: Average Cookbook (Web)


One Application For All Social Sites:

People love spending time on social media sites; it is just so addictive.

However, a few social websites or platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Youtube that people use more, and switching from platform to platform is a bit irritating.

Thus, to handle such a scenario, one app that can handle, a person’s favorite apps within one app can be a great idea.

Example: Social Network All In One App


Movie And TV Show Rating:

Entertainment is one of the escapes from the busy life of today.

However, due to its popularity, so much content for entertaining us is available online today, but not everything is worth our time and money.

Here comes the rating system for these TV shows and Movies. Web App that can provide us ratings for the TV shows and movies that we are interested in is a great idea.

Moreover, the application can also provide reviews of other viewers so people can make a better decision when it comes to choosing entertainment content.

Example: IMDB Movies & TV


Facilitating Education:

This is another education app-related idea where students can compare different universities globally according to their grades and budgets.

We live in a global village, and students are joining various universities around the globe relatable to their field.

However, searching for the right course and the right university can be overwhelming.

Thus, this web app development will not only be easy, but it will facilitate students all around the globe. They will be able to find the most suitable institute/university for their further studies.

Example: University Finder


Hosting Chatbots:

Technology is getting more and more advanced. Chat supports are vanishing through the use of chatbots. Building chatbots and selling its services can be a great initiative.

Businesses require dealing with customers regularly. Chatbots can come handy in answering regular questions. Moreover, with bots API integration is a “Big Yes” as they make chatbots boom even bigger.

Example: Botsify


Family Web Application:

Everyone is super busy. Often, there is a task in every household that needs suggestion and opinions from everyone or at least should be aware that is happening about a specific plan.

It can be cooking on Sundays, Yearly picnic plans, online web browsing, family members’ locations, or daily budgeting.

Having a family web app can help to bring all the information on place so all the family members can go through it in just a few clicks.

It still cannot replace face to face family talks, but it can save time for everyone to discuss things and collect information in an application.

It can be handling finance, passwords, budgeting, and day to day discussions.

The market is competitive, but the good news is most of the applications are mobile applications, whereas your application will be accessible from desktop or laptops as well.

This application can be a great addition to a web development portfolio.

Example: Family Link / Life 360


Gaming Applications:

Gaming is going through the best phase of its rise; big giants even are taking an interest in improving the gaming experience of the end-user.

In this entire scenario, with the right planning and strategies, developing a web app can be a profitable venture which can bring you a fortune.

The market is highly competitive, but with the introduction of new games every other day, this market still has the potential for new entries.


Book Related Web App:

Book reading is getting popular day by day. Whether it is a paper book trend or eBook trend, and this reading culture is on the rise in young adults, so it depicts that it will increase further.

Therefore, increasing the reading trend is creating a market for mobile/ web apps that can provide genuine and legit reviews for books.

This idea can be a profitable venture if it includes features that a reader can ask for, like borrowing books, reviews, renting books, etc.

Example: Goodreads


Memes And Gifs Related Web App:

We love memes and Gifs, and they are taking the internet by storm.

People are not only interested in enjoying and sharing memes, but they would like to create ones when they have designing skills.

So an app that mainly caters needs of people who are not expert at designing or operating adobe illustrator or adobe Photoshop but can still create memes, gifs of the professional level that are highly aesthetical.

Thus, it would be a good idea.

A merger of the online website like canva.com and a meme or Gif generator can be one of the best web app ideas.

Example: Pixlr


Interior Designing And Decorating Application:

Interior designing is nothing but an excellent way to express one’s aesthetic taste and style. It can also portray the living standard of a person.

Developing a web app around this concept can fall into two major categories.

One, it is about having a great addition in your web development portfolio

Second, it can be a great revenue-generating, an app with the right kind of targeting.

The competition for this market is already high as big players are present.

The internet always has some room available for innovation. Therefore, market entry is possible.

Example: Planner 5D


Wrap Up:

We hope you loved these 21 web app ideas. Now it is time to start your project. Best of luck for your project. This list is already extensive, but with the advancement, we will keep adding ideas to this list.

Moreover, you can also go and check out more ideas in our micro saas ideas on our website.

Let us know your feedback about these web app ideas. Which one is your favorite among all these fantastic web app development ideas being a web developer?

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