Most Popular 6 Categories & 13 Types of Websites in 2021

1.94 billion. We are not talking about the bank balance of a newbie billionaire, nor our topic here is the population of a continent, but we are talking about the number of websites that are increasing every single minute on an alarming rate.

There are almost 380 new websites every minute.

Moreover, 400 million + blog posts are published every single day.

If you ask an average Joe, “What are the various types of websites?”

The chances are you are going to get multiple answers, and the irony is most of these answers will be correct if those individuals are categorizing websites based on functionality, design, and content.

Here in this post, we will cover all the popular categories and types of websites that you will see in 2021.

6 Major Categories of Websites

  • Persuasive- This category caters websites that try to influence people toward a product, stance or a new path
  • Entertainment-related- These websites try to share info for the entertainment of its visitors.
  • Awareness- This category caters websites that usually increase brand awareness, or they can also be an excellent tool for uplifting the awareness related to a specific service or product.
  • Lead Generating- This category caters websites that bring new customers or new business
  • Offering Sales (offline)- The sites are online representative of businesses that run offline, and these sites often provide sales and market retail/ wholesale products and services.
  • Offering sales (online)- Here, we are referring to E-commerce sites.


13 Types of Websites in 2021

1. eCommerce

Do you want to sell your products through a website?

This is the type of Website that you should start.

E-commerce websites also often come under Marketplace websites where multiple vendors offer their products or services, and users can choose any vendor among those vendors through using the same site.

The Most Popular e-commerce Websites

These are the few steps that you should take to set up your e-commerce website.

  1. Invest in good e-commerce software
  2. Acquire SSL certificate so your customer can pay their payments without any hesitation and in a secure environment.
  3. Make the website design and content as per the website goal (generating sales). Mismatching is bound to fail.

An e-commerce website can be part of your existing business, or it can be the beginning of your new venture.

2. Business Website

Just like its name, a business website is a website that represents any particular business.

When you have a business website, it is essential to run it as a brand and Use the same logo; placement and you are offering the same services and products that the business offers.

Well, nowadays, it is mandatory for every business to have a website.

It is a normal thing for a client to assume today that if they search you on Google, they will find a website

However, if they do not see your Website, your business may look non-professional to them.

Thus, today, having a website is not only about selling something; it is also about maintaining your professionalism and authenticity.

An eCommerce website can be business websites, but at the same time, it is possible that business websites are just websites with content and they are not selling anything directly.

They can be a lead generating website or a place to persuade visitors to contact for more information.

3. Entertainment website

Let’s be realistic. Most of us are habitual of using the internet for getting entertained.

However, if we ask you a few websites  that you visit for entertainment, there will be just a few famous ones that you can name like

  • Xkcd
  • IMDb
  • Youtube
  • Netflix
  • Webcomics

You might think of websites like BuzzFeed that you might visit to catch up with some interesting and fun information.

Most of these sites target making money just like business or eCommerce site models.

However, usually, their site monetization method is either advertisements (mostly) or monthly/ yearly subscription.

If you have an entertainment website in mind, there are hundreds of formats that you can choose.

You can either opt for funny and informative videos or drawing comics, creating fun quizzes or writing entertaining blogs can be your thing.

As there are millions of entertainment websites all over the internet, take your time and find your audience that can connect with your content and it may take even some more time before you can generate some real money from it if it is your goal initially.

Well, there is no doubt the entertainment website is the best way to reach people.

Thus, if you really have content that you think people will find entertaining, go for it.

4. Portfolio Websites

These sites are mainly for displaying past work samples to potential clients.

Service providers can present their best possible work.

Building a portfolio website is quite similar to building a business website.

The main priority of such sites is to serve as the collection of past work.

Portfolio websites are a great start for freelancers, working professionals who want to showcase their work in a professional and sophisticated manner.

These sites can be a great substitute for business sites if the creative individual is hired on the based of demonstration of previous work collection.

Moreover, these portfolio sites are easy to build.

5. Brochure Website:

You can call brochure websites the simple version of business websites.

Some businesses require their online presence, but they are not willing to invest much in it, or you know already that your sources of customers are different and not from your Website.

A simple brochure website has very few just important pages.

The site follows a layout of basic details about your product, services, what do you do, and some necessary contact details.

However, Brochure sites were common in the initial days of the World Wide Web when futuristic businesses considered that they should have websites, but either they did not want to invest much or were tight on budget. Now, the World wide web is such a huge thing that no business can afford to ignore it.

Therefore, most of the businesses have already realized that they need more competitive stuff.

However, if your business is not going to be a marketing tool, and you just need the online presence, you can do away with a brochure website.

6. Media Website

Reporting and gathering news is their motto.

Sometimes, you may see the overlapping of these websites with entertainment websites.

However, media websites serve as a separate genre and side by side reporting and publishing news.

They might share stuff related to entertainment as well.

  • The New York Times
  • Washingtonpost
  • Bbc
  • ABC News
  • Voice of America
  • FOX News
  • Cnn

Most of the media websites are actually the further extension of media outlets that are already present in the form of TV channels, Print media houses, newspapers, or magazines.

However, some of them made their presence first online, or they are just present online with no further offline extension of their work.

7. Nonprofit Website

Having a nonprofit organization does not equate that you do not need a website, but just like any other businesses, a nonprofit organization also need websites so people who want to donate can learn more about that nonprofit organization.

Moreover, it becomes easy for potential donors to take part in the donation/charity process easily if the nonprofit organization also acquires a website.

Thus, if you have a nonprofit organization or you are about to start one, building a website will be an important part.

It can also work to make you more reliable, and the maximum number of people will be able to reach you.

Furthermore, you can also share different projects that you have handled, are handling or are going to handle

This way, you can show people what your organization takes part in, and you can also ask them to take action (by giving donations) if they believe in your cause.

Caution: If you want to receive the donation directly on your Website, there will be a few more steps.

You need to take these steps that are quite like an e-commerce website.

  • Get an SSL certificate.
  • Setup a merchant account so it will be possible for you to accept the donation amount via card payments.


8. Educational Website

Educational websites usually are for educational institutes or organizations/ bodies that offer different online courses online.

The aim of this category of websites is to offer educational material to the students, or they can simply display information regarding different events/ activities of educational institutes such as

  • Result announcements
  • Admission details
  • Course details

Moreover, some educational websites will have ads just like media or entertainment types of websites.

Even some websites work based on subscription. In some cases, educational websites can also sell education products (it is rare, but it can happen).

Most of the websites of this category are nothing but just the online presence of already existing educational institutes.

9. Infopreneur websites

Infopreneur websites are quite similar to either business or e-commerce site in their style.

However, they are a quite unique style of online business.

Basically, Infopreneur websites make and sell informational products.

Some Examples

  1. Ebooks
  2. Videos
  3. Training/ Tutorials (either videos or podcasts or PowerPoint presentations)
  4. Courses

No matter what their approach is to deliver information products is Infopreneurs basically have to do a lot of work to make their knowledge brand recognizable.

It is definitely a crucial task to convince visitors of your site that you are master of a subject/ topic.

So, they can be interested in buying your information products.

For dealing or selling educational products via the Website, these Infopreneur websites also need functionalities related to e-commerce types of websites.

  1. An SSL certificate
  2. A merchant account where they can receive payments.

Moreover, if you have multiple educational products, it will be a great idea to invest in eCommerce software that can make your Website user-friendly, and the visitors can easily navigate the site.

Furthermore, it is a common practice among Infopreneurs to offer free and premium content side by side.

Both free and premium content is usually available on the same site.

Keeping free content on the Website actually serves as a marketing strategy.

You get a chance to showcase people what you have to offer.

If the visitors find your free content valuable (the chances are), they will also be investing in paid content.

Hence, having a user-friendly and professional website is a prerequisite for this business style.

10. Personal Website:

Having a website does not equate that you are doing it to earn money.

Several people create websites just to share their thoughts with other people.

These types of websites usually have personal blogs, vlogs, picture diaries that people share with others.

However, often, these personal websites may convert into money generating process when they get viral or popular.

Their primary goal is not money but to share their personal feelings, thoughts, and content with the world.

Starting a personal website is a much simpler thing as compared to the other types of websites because here, the goal is not conversions, sales, or making money but to express and share stuff.

Thus, the overall stakes are pretty low. You can simply use web builder or simple templates that can give you a satisfying version to start your journey of the personal Website.

11. Web portal

Most of the organizations, businesses, and even institutes have web portals. Usually, these web portals are for internal use.

It is basically a place for the collected information from different sources for people to see if necessary.

Mostly, these web portals are much complex as compared to the other types of websites that we have discussed on this list.

Thus, it is better to hire experienced web programmers and developers to design the web portal.

Moreover, Universities and schools let their students, and offices let their workers use for checking alerts, files, and emails in one place.

12. Wiki Websites/ Wiki types of websites

Majority of us are already familiar with wikis, and one of the most popular ones is Wikipedia.

However, the surprising thing is that wikis are possible to create on any subject under the sun.

A wiki is a type of site where a community of users can work together on content to create content.

They can make changes in content or edit if they feel so.

There is a couple of examples of wikis.

Initiating a wiki is easy peasy particularly when you are using software or a site builder for creating this wiki instead of creating from A to Z on your own.

Using appropriate software is much more convenient and organized way to deal with it.

13. Community Building Websites

Forum sites, sharing sites and Social Websites These websites facilitate people and let them interact with each other.

If you are thinking of forum sites, there will be forums available for every single topic that is present under the sun.

Moreover, forum websites often can be a great way of getting information about any subject for which you might have questions.

Other forms of sharing sites and photo sharing sites can also come under the umbrella of this category of community websites.

Some of the Most Popular community websites

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Linkedin
  • Tumblr
  • Quora


So what will be the type of your Website?

Whatever type you are going for you should know what you want; your website design should be compatible with the type/ category of your Website.

Most importantly, make sure you are opting for a good hosting provider to keep things smooth.

Various companies provide hosting locally as well as internationally.

Select a hosting provider that has a good reputation on the market.

Speaking of that building a website needs efforts, but if you create a website for the focused goals in mind, the hard work will pay you off well.

Thanks for reading this topic “types of websites”.

Best of Luck!

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