How To Choose The Right Gaming Mouse In 2021 Complete Guide

How to choose the right gaming mouse in a detailed manner!

Do you use the same mouse that comes along with your computer?

Or you have searched for something new for your gaming needs?

However, you might not know what should you do with all this information.

You may consider that your mouse and keyboard are just hindering your game perform.

This article is the right suit for you in this scenario.

This is the stuff that you should keep in mind when you shop!


Mice In General

We are not short of “2 button options” that are nice to have, and they are inexpensive and easy to work with.

However, you might not know that having a better mouse can literally make or break your day.

This is true that having multiple options in mice means be ready to multiply the price figure as well, which will not be anywhere nearer to the cheap $10 mouse.

No matter what is the reason in the first place that you went for this option, either the wrist pain or saving endless clicks, sometimes investing in a good mouse is definitely a try worthy stuff.

Investing even $100 or $150 is not a big deal if your work calls for quality.

You have to spend your time daily on your system, and this is something that can make your working or gaming hours much better experience.

When you are all set to get rid of your thing with a new model, we recommend considering this stuff.


Be Or Not To Be

Same As Wireless Or Wired‼‼ (To Choose The Right Gaming Mouse)

Well, we are not going to start talking about Shakespeare’s play Hamlet here.

Joking apart, deciding whether your mice will have a cable or it will be wireless is important.

Well, generally speaking, wireless mice are much better in terms of convenience as there is no cable present to disturb the movement.

However, on the downer side, they can have a lag up to 8ms, which might give you the feeling of an hour, especially when you are playing games in an intensive mood.

Moreover, they tend to interfere with other wireless stuff.

Stuff like

  • A wireless G router
  • 2.4 GHz cordless phones

This is not it! Wireless mice can be troublesome because they need batteries.

Not changing AAs batteries on time or not charging them can be an issue.

Furthermore, even a wireless mouse have multiple options.

  • RF
  • Bluetooth

i. RF mice are not only better at responsiveness, but also they have a longer range.

However, due to the requirement of the USB receiver, they will require a USB port on your system.

Moreover, they are likely to interfere with other wireless things as we have already described earlier.

ii. Bluetooth mice are not so common. If the computer has built-in Bluetooth, they can be paired to a computer themselves.

Locating good mice is nothing less than a struggle because RF is a much common option.

Unless you have some serious issue with engaging USB port, we don’t suggest being too choosy between RF Vs. Bluetooth Mice.


Sensitivity Of Mouse

If your work demands for precise movements, such as work-related to image editing or gaming, you need mice with higher sensitivity.

Mice sensitivity metric measures how much movement you require to move your cursor.

You might even have noticed that often your mice tend to get stuck if you are making slight movements.

Even often, you have to jerk it a bit.

However, higher sensitivity in mice accentuates, you will not be facing this issue.

High sensitivity in mice can yield small movements in the cursor with slighter movements.

We measure Sensitivity in DPI (Dots per inch). 

Usually, medium to high-end mice carries higher sensitivity.

The range starts from 1200 DPI, and it goes up to a quite higher number.

You only just need to focus that you are not buying 400 DPI mice if you are into precision-oriented working. 

However, some mice come with additional buttons which you can use to adjust the sensitivity level as per your preference.

Thus, having these models mean you do not need to open your control panel settings.

These multi buttons come quite handy.


Size And Ergonomics (To Choose The Right Gaming Mouse)

If you feel comfortable and ease when using a mouse, it will be all that matters.

However, hand positioning in an uncomfortable may cause you to hand strain.

The best way to keep strain at bay is to adjust your workspace.

To make things work smoothly, two things to consider

  • Size
  • Grip

The size of mice depends on how much portability you like plus what your personal preferences are!

However, different sizes work great with different hand sizes and hand grips.

3 types of Mouse Grips

There are three main types of grips.

i. Palm Grip:

This style of the grip lets you move mouse via palm, you will feel it in your forearm and wrist area. Almost your entire hand will be on the mouse.

ii. Claw Grip:  

This grip acquires its name due to the appearance of hand when you hold mice.

The fingers are in the arched position, and the palm is resting on the back.

The use of the thumb, pinky, and ring finger is possible to provide a better grip.

iii. Fingertip Grip:

You can call it the total opposite of a palm grip.

In this style, you completely control your mouse via fingertips instead of involving your palm in it.

If you are keen to learn which mice grip work great for you, you can check out this other detailed article on this very topic.

Why Is It So Important?

Well, everybody’s hands are different, and we all feel comfortable in different styles of grips. Knowing your grip better can give you an extra edge while playing your favorite games.

Moreover, the size of your hand also influences the fact that which grip is more suitable for your better gaming experience.

The only advice that we can give here is to go try yourself because this is something that only trial and test can tell which grip suits your requirements best.


Extra Buttons:

Not just gamers use extra buttons.

It is possible to set an extra button as per your wish.

Even some of the mice come with a button that can improve the scroll wheel speed, momentum, and smooth working.

This is great when it comes to scrolling through long pages.

However, choosing a gaming mouse on behalf of a number of buttons it is not a very wise decision to make but getting extra buttons on mice does not hurt either.

Extra buttons on gaming Mice

Gaming mice are not just suitable for gamers, but even if you are not a gamer, they can be right for you.

Does your work require to copy and paste quite frequently?

Well, in that case, you should map those extra buttons.

Switching multiple virtual desktops is your thing?

You can easily manage it with the side buttons that most of these gaming mice carry.

Even you can go for mapping your most-used shortcuts on the mice.

You will be pleasantly surprised how easy and convenient it all will be.


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Wrap Up:

Having all these points in mind, you can quickly narrow down your research pattern a lot. Like you can ask yourself these following questions

What things are you looking for?

What is a suitable grip for you?

Do you need additional features like RGB lights?

The thing is that the gaming mouse industry is expanding on a rapid scale, but having the right answer can shorten your chase.

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