Niche Marketing Myths-Wrong Stuff Broke Wannabe Marketer Say

Have you ever heard???

  • Here’s how you can make money online quicker and faster or simply overnight!!
  • Learn these amazing SEO techniques and turn your blog into a cash machine in one day!!

Sadly, if you believe in any of these above, you have another thing coming.

The only way to succeed and make big in the blogging world or the online world is through immense CONSISTENT hard work.



The idea of owning a blog and earning quite a sum from it is fascinating for many.

You might start searching for all the possible tips and techniques to create a blog or a site dedicated to your words.

You research for all the probable profitable niche, and you start learning about affiliate and niche marketing etc.

All of these steps are good in starting your own platform. However, if you think there’s a quick way to get about it and attract millions of people on the first look, you will be you in for a surprise.

There will be many wanna be niche marketers waiting to prey on you and teach you all the simple methods to make money online.

You are going nowhere but be a victim of one of the marketing myths. However, remember to steer clear and remain to be as far away as possible.

The internet is a massive vessel of information. However, it has its fair share of evil and bad lurking about niche marketing myths.


How To Stay Away From Them? 

Well, follow these tips to avoid niche marketing myths:

-Pay Attention To The Services You Offer

If you are the type who simply surf the internet for the most profitable niche, you are partly going the wrong way.

Suppose you find a profitable niche and you research on it and then start writing.

The initiative is good but is this something you want to base your blog entirely?

Do you have enough information or command over this particular niche to ensure the people will pay their hard-earned money to you?

Or waste their precious time on you?

What About Potential Questions Of Your Customers? 

Will you be able to answer them, or will you look towards google every time the opportunity arises?

Trust me when I say, for a long term you cannot keep this pretence up. You need something which consists of genuine knowledge. 

It is not something that wannabe niche marketers will advise you to do so that you can ‘make money online faster’.

Usually, their focus is to keep you in the loop of niche marketing myths.

However, remember the more authentic and informative your content is, the more services you offer, the more you attract people toward your work.

Share your personal experience, look for ways yourself, take suggestions and present genuine solutions.

This is how people will come back at your site and become genuinely interested!


-Copy, Paste, Plagiarize, Any Content Will Work

This is another niche marketing myth.

You don’t deserve to own a blog or even think of one if you believe this. Plagiarizing is something that can get you in trouble with the law (in worst scenario).

If search engines like google catch you doing it, your entire capsule of cash will vanish overnight as if it doesn’t exist.

Hence, don’t even think about providing low quality, copied content. The more quality you offer, the more your visitors have a chance of staying loyal to you.

For this purpose, you can discover 200 profitable categories or keywords and use them in your content wisely.

Knowledge of SEO techniques is a must for this, though.

However, no amount of SEO techniques can help you out if you produce mediocre and low-quality content.


You wouldn’t buy an Apple iPhone if it offered you poor services, would you? So why expect it from others?


-Niche Affiliate Marketing Is No such thing

Marketing is critical in every aspect of life. 

Affiliate and niche marketing when correctly done provides you with ample sources you can work on.

All examples of niche affiliate marketing aren’t exactly the best, but skimming over a few will give you some useful ones.

Affiliate marketing is considered bad when you add fake content, or you become too desperate in making a sale.

An example will be blogs that provide product reviews.

These blogs usually review without ever seeing/touching products.

In the worst scenario, they take incomplete information from 1-2 other reviews, and they provide that review.

They are what you call the fake wanna be niche marketers.

These wannabes follow other people’s trail and create horrible content fooling themselves and their viewers.

All the while, convincing themselves, they have found a profitable category to work upon.

Well, working this way is one of the niche marketing myths.

You can write reviews too but keep them genuine, and you’ll see how many people around you love affiliate and niche marketing.


-Social Media Marketing

Before, we had limited resources available on the internet.

Now, however, we have a variety of social media sites. 

If you use wisely for your niche affiliate marketing, you can obtain a lot of traffic.

This traffic can be enough to monetize your blog or site.

How To Do This?

  • Make a Facebook page or a group.
  • Invite your peers or colleagues
  • Encourage your peers or colleagues to invite theirs
  • Form a community.

This community will help you turn your category based site into a profitable venture plus you have a trustworthy community in the first place.

Not just Facebook, but there’s twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

Also, these sites don’t require hardcore SEO techniques, so complications regarding it are minimum.

If you’re incredibly interested in affiliate and niche marketing, social media will play a huge role in enhancing it.

Promoting you and your services to many other profitable niches online is possible via social media platforms!


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Consistent hard work is something which will allow you to make money online effectively.

Even if you don’t have a profitable niche or the proper SEO techniques to help you get through many others, you can do it.

If you own a blog and decide to leave it after nine months of work because of ‘no response’ or anything, then you will waste a massive deal of your talent.

Making money online is a tough job.

If you pay the right amount of attention to it, you can discover better profitable ways to monetize your page or platform and earn millions.

Success will never come overnight just like that.

It requires years of hard work. Many blog owners got to their respective positions after years of struggle.

So don’t give up in a matter of a few months or look for easy ways like the wannabe niche marketers do by faking it and fooling around.

No, be genuine; provide excellent services along with content and be consistent in your work.

These strategies are far better than merely following one of the niche marketing myths.


-Pay Attention To SEO

You don’t want to follow niche marketing myths and have no “IT expert” level skills.

In this scenario, it is still advisable to know the basics of SEO techniques.

It means how to insert the keywords or to use backlinks and meta descriptions.

There are many tutorials and informative blogs available to help you out in this process.

Hence, try to learn a bit about SEO techniques and apply them to your posts and content.

It will help you in attracting traffic and traffic means making money online.

Even for affiliate and niche marketing, SEO techniques are beneficial, and it is not a niche marketing myth.

So yes, these are important, and whether you opt for a profitable niche or niche affiliate marketing or something other than these, you’ll still need SEO techniques.


-Take Your Blog Seriously

If you are after niche marketing myths, take your blog seriously.

Particularly when you’re actually hoping to make money online.

Treat it like a proper job or business. Remember a tree is grown after careful watering of plants.

So water your blog every day, provide the appropriate resources for it and watch it bloom.

Even if you’re considering affiliate niche marketing, remember to provide quality and genuine content.

Work hard on it, apply all the proper information for affiliate and niche marketing and use your SEO techniques.

Soon, you can make money online. 

See, your little efforts (this plant) grow into a huge tree providing loads of goods to people as well as attracting the relevant visitors every day.

Don’t turn into a wannabe niche marketers who are just ready to copy all the ingredients needed to grow this plant into a tree.

Become your own person, your own gardener and watch your hard work give you a variety of sweet, ripe fruit!

Possible ways for wannabe niche marketers to guide you towards the wrong path

If you follow the above tips; not falling for niche marketing myths; research bloggers (their struggles regarding success); taking your platform seriously, you will succeed.

Maybe slow and incoming time, preferably years no matter the profitable category you’re working on, but progress is evident.

Sooner or later is out of your control, but it will be in your hand.

However, if you listen to wannabe niche marketers and their niche marketing myths (easy ways to make money online), you may suffer in the long run.

Sure, it will be easy to go for niche affiliate marketing. However, if you aren’t honest about it, you will suffer for it.

It will happen too soon and in an equally harshly manner. 


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If You Want To Avoid This Fate, Don’t Believe The Following Niche Marketing Myths:

-Forget Experience, Search Keywords (Niche Marketing Myths #1)

You have proper extensive knowledge about affiliate and niche marketing yet because of greed, or overnight earnings compel you to look for the easy way.

For example: searching the keywords and simply turning to other blogs for helping hand to make money online faster, you will surely be heading toward a lost cause.

Go for those things with which you are familiar and able to share accurate information regarding it and not for something simply famous on google.

You can turn a dormant blog/ ghost town into a raging clubhouse if you write original and offer excellent services!

Hence, keyword searching is encouraged, but don’t depend highly on it.


-Adding Huge URLs Will Help You Out (Niche Marketing Myths #2)

It is again something a wannabe niche marketer will tell you to apply regardless of its importance.

Adding complicated URLs immediately divert the customer’s attention.

Search for proper SEO techniques and add proper URLs that make sense to provide adequate attention to your affiliate and niche marketing services.

For example, a URL consisting of https:/www.makeuptutorials/:mksskldsndudshfueiryew instead of relevant information will not attract your reader.

Rather relevant keywords or descriptions like ‘keep your skin glowing…’; ‘fresh and exfoliating ways…’ Etc., will keep your reader interested.

Remember extremely profitable niche sometimes lose their fame because of irrelevant descriptions, so be sure to avoid this.


-All Types Of Niche Affiliate Marketing Are Acceptable-(Niche Marketing Myths #3)

All types are acceptable. Remember, people hate bad niche affiliate marketing.

The type that seems like it’s just begging you to buy a certain product irrespective of its benefits and other services!

Such wannabe niche marketers are sometimes referred to as pushy business people rather than proper entrepreneurs.

So affiliate marketing is preferred when you’re providing relevant and resourceful information and guide people in the best way possible!


-Post Once In A While (Niche Marketing Myths #4)

A growing business needs daily attention if you plan to make money online easily.

Remember, posting after three months or so is not the way to achieve your purpose.

Yes, we understand you’re busy and have other responsibilities as well, but if you treat your blog like trash, you’ll get trash!


Consider This:

  • You have a profitable niche to work. 
  • Apply all the important affiliate marketing techniques on your work. 
  • You will still fail if you remain lazy.

No matter how many record-breaking techniques you have if you are lazy, your audience will eventually lose interest. 


-More Traffic Means More Money (Niche Marketing Myths #5)

One of the niche marketing myths is traffic is directly proportional to earnings.

To some extent, it can be correct but not 100%.

Yes, traffic is essential for a blog, but a thousand people visiting one day and not returning the next day isn’t beneficial. 

To make money online, you have to develop a relationship with your customers.

You have to develop an understanding so that they remain loyal to your niche affiliate marketing services.

They don’t treat you like those wannabe marketers who are famous one day and trash the next!


Final Verdict

Hence, to make money online; work hard; provide quality content; offer great services to the people and watch as slowly you emerge from a newbie blogger to an expert.

Someone who now makes money online as well as provides great services to people all over the world!

Falling for niche marketing myths is a big no, for sure.



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