What Is Enhance Pointer Precision? Its Impact on Gaming 2021

Enhanced Pointer Precision or Enhance Pointer Precision is basically a feature this is present in the enabled state in all the computers (windows).

It is a type of mouse acceleration to be more precise.

This feature can be a useful or useless one.

The worth of this feature depends on the programs that you run on your computer.

This article is going to talk about

  • What Windows Enhance Pointer Precision is
  • Whether should you use it, or not?
  • What are the main benefits and drawbacks of availing this feature?

It is all about Mouse DPI and the distance to which you can move the mouse indicates how your cursor is moving.

Enhance Pointer Precision is not just the count how many times you have moved the mouse and the Mouse DPI

but the indicator of how fast your mouse is moving (in low speed).

These are just a few very primary type of settings for mouse acceleration, and even a non-technical person can do it.

However, you might think it is not a big deal, but it can have an impact.

Most importantly, if you are gaming and Enhance Pointer Precision is in the enabled state, it has no use, but it can influence your gaming experience badly.


What Does Enhance Pointer Precision do?

Typically, physically moving your mouse on-screen is directly proportional to what distance your mouse cursor will cover on the screen.

To control the coordination between these two variables is through DPI (dots per inch).

Having a higher DPI number illustrates your cursor will be able to go further even when you drag the mouse to a similar distance.

This will not be happening when the DPI is set on the lower.

You use enhance Pointer Precision; you accelerate your mouse; it is as simple as it is.

Your DPI on the fly is adjusted by windows once the windows monitor how swiftly you are moving your mouse.

However, when you make quick moves, the DPI tends to increase.

Thus, your cursor covers a longer distance with the same move.

When you move it slowly, the DPI tends to decreases, and the cursor covers a short distance.

To put it another way, Enhance Pointer Precision matters for having good speed.

Moreover, without this feature, an inch movement is all you can do.

Your cursor will also cover the same distance.

Despite the fact, how fast you are making moves with your mice.


Why Enhance Pointer Precision Is Enabled By Default?

One of the main reasons enabling it by default is that it comes handy in various instances.

Let’s consider, you are in an office situation and the mouse you have is of cheap quality, now without Enhance Pointer Precision, the chances are that to make your cursor move to the particular distance, you should drag your mouse to a longer distance.

It will happen because of a cheap quality sensor and restricted Dpi settings.

Whereas having Enhance Pointer Precision means you can quickly move from one point to another point easily on your screen without getting irritated with this dragging, covering longer distance thing.

For gaining better accuracy, you can also move your mice slower.

It comes handy when it is about moving to a small distance.

Furthermore, it is even better for laptop touchpads as it lets you move fingers in a quick manner on the touchpad to move the cursor to a far distance on the screen.

All of this and it is without involving dragging your finger from one end to the end over the touchpad of the laptop.


Turning off Enhance Pointer precision while gaming is a Bad idea or not?

There is nothing fixed regarding acceleration.

It depends on the mice you are comparing or using.

Moreover, the acceleration part also depends on the screen resolution.

Almost every game has its own resolution, and the usual screen resolution is different from the resolution that each game possesses.

Well, these variables are enough to make gamers pass the tough time. It gets harder for gamers to decide what should be their speed on the mouse pad.

So, they can achieve movement advantage in the respective games that they are playing.

Quicker reactions are necessary from the gamers’ side; most of the gamers tend to disable the Enhance Pointer Precision.

Slow movements are really smooth with the feature.

Thus, the pointer tends to move in snail speed.

Moreover, by disabling this feature, gamers gain better control not only on their mice but on the other pointing devices.

Initially, you may not be habitual to its disabled style, but within one to two days, you will get habitual.

Therefore, it is not unusual for gamers to keep it turned off.

Furthermore, turning it off makes their whole gaming experience a lot better.

Moreover, it also keeps windows away to add its own calculations to the pointers.


Enhance Pointer Precision- Turn on or turn off frequently

How to resolve it?

First of all, be clear about it.

Neither it can be permanently turned on nor off.

However, if this option is turning on and off frequently, it might be due to any installed software relatable to mice.

If this is the reason, you should eliminate any such software that you may have on your computer.


How to turn Off Enhance Pointer Precision?

To do it:

  • Go to control panel
  • Click on “Hardware and Sound”
  • Go to “mouse” option and now, you will have a separate small window with the name of “mouse Properties”)
  • Click on the tab of “Pointer options”
  • Here, you can toggle the “Enhance Pointer Precision” on/off
  • Click “okay” button once you have done the desired changes

Mouse Properties window for Enhance Pointer Precision


Some of the companies tend to offer “Mouse configuration tools.

Usually, it is common to experience with Logitech SetPoint and Razer Synapse.

Often enough Enhance Pointer Precision is disabled by default to taking over producer’s decided settings.

The bad news is setting is fixed.

You may want to keep Enhance Pointer Precision enabled for the touchpad and for a USB mouse in the disabled state, but the problem is you cannot have their settings separately, you have to go with either option.

The options of on or off are available, but configurations for both options are not available separately.

Not every gamer but some of the gamers for bypassing the settings for mouse acceleration, opt for raw mouse input and configure the settings as per their preference.


Wrap Up

Try and test what works for you to avail the best settings.

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