Bitcoin Drops Down To The New Second Lowest Of This Month

Once again Bitcoin has hit another lowest point, and currently, it is just $6,272.11.

It is the second lowest price of this month after $6267.21, as per the CoinTelegraph.

Moreover, it is speculated for Bitcoin to further plunge in the upcoming month of July. It is likely to go as low as $6000.

Interesting Fact:

This is not it because a further decrease is expected for Bitcoin somewhere even below $6000 by February in the year 2019.


The CoinTelegraph has illustrated these “not so desirable” fluctuations of Bitcoin by an illustration of a graph.


This currency has shown a quite uncertain fluctuation this week.

Moreover, such fluctuations are not only occurring in this currency, but as a matter of fact, other currencies are also showing the same tendencies for example Litecoin.

Well actually, the majority of the investors are not very happy about the current scenario. However, there are individuals like Tim Draper and John McAfee who have some pretty crazy valuations to share.

Another Statement

McAfee states that

There is no need to panic because of the decline in Bitcoin’s price. It is just an exaggerated reaction to the news that Coinbase, itBit, Kraken, and Bitstamp are being investigated for the manipulation of price. This is likely to delay the market maximum for 30 days. Do not let the fear take charge; invest in coins.

Many investors might be thinking to retreat because it is the most popular and biggest cryptocurrency via digital marketing capitalization.

People are being skeptical when it is about investment, as the value of Bitcoin is declining.

However, it is nothing new in the case of this cryptocurrency even there are speculations that it will go down in the upcoming months even further before it starts elevating again in the first quarter of 2019

What do you say about It?

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