Best Sims Game In 2021-Which One Should I Play Among All?

The best Sims Game ever-Confusion???

In the last 20 years or so, uncountable DLC and four complete games we have of The Sims series via The Sims Game Developers.

The numbers are already amazing.

Thus, for newcomers, it can be a difficult task to select the best Sims Game.

Eventually, this confusion will lead them to the questions, such as which Sims is the Best.

Hence, we have compiled a guide to suggest the best Sims game among all the present versions of this game so you can be sure you have selected the Best Sims Game.

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Which is the Best Sims game?

Undoubtedly, The Sims 3 is the superb choice among all the versions.

This is because it has all the likable features from the previous versions.

Moreover, it can cater to real-life experience due to its other upgraded features.

However, in terms of graphics and states of sentiments, Sims 4 is better, but a few things are missing in this latest game.

Things like vehicles, open-world and contemporary customization features, which is present in the design of game 3, this stuff is absent in design of game 4.

However, it does not mean, The Sims 4 is a lost cause because due to the availability of new expansion packs, The version 4 definitely has a chance to beat version 3.

Note: We will discuss game versions from Best to worst


1. The Sims 3 (The Best Sims Game)

This version has the best of both worlds because it already contains all the previous excellent aspects of preceded version.

Moreover, due to the addition of new features, the gamer can easily experience, the aptest real-life simulator.

Hence, it makes The Sims 3 is the best possible choice to buy.

Furthermore, this version was the first-ever design of the game in the series where visiting other places such as houses are possible.

Sims 3 Game third version of the series best sims game

No doubt, the building is much better in this design, plus buying pantry has almost everything that could fit the scenarios.

Thus, this design was certainly a wholesome package.

Creation is not just “creation” in this model of the game, but it brings better customization of characters.

Moreover, the character customization involves altering face shape (detailing on face), footwear, voices, body, and tattoos.

If you compare Designs of game 3 and 2, the emotions are pretty changed.

  • Sims 2 = fears, wants, and aspirations
  • Sims 3 = wishes accomplishing that can lead to points of happiness for a lifetime, and even players can swap them for rewards.

Furthermore, job features and new skills are present in a better format.


2. The Sims 4

Usually, new models of any previously hit stuff come with better modifications.

However, This latest version is a clear portrayal of quite the opposite.

It does not have open-world features or building features.

Thus, you may call it a simplified model of Sims 3 in regard of customization.

It does have something new, and it is its emotions.

Sims 4 Game forth version of the series latest sims game

Moreover, instead of goals, in this version,

  1. Wishes
  2. The aspirations from design 2 have made a return

According to us, version 4 of the series is nowhere near the title of the best Sims game ever because it seems to be just an easy approach for earning bucks on the popularity of this game.

This point becomes since DLC are pretty expensive, and they are just adding restricted additional features.


3. The Sims 2

This version is the second design in the series of this popular game. Sims 2 was launched in 2004.

The game version got so popular that it broke the records of its previous version in terms of selling.

Thus, it became the best ever selling PC game.

Even today, it could be a great choice for people or even the best PC game.

There is a reason behind such a statement.

The game graphics are not just isometric anymore, but rather they are in 3D.

Sims 2 Game second version of the series

The very first design had limitations in terms of customization, but it has better and modern customization options.

You Get Three Neighborhoods:

  • Veronaville
  • Pleasantview
  • Strangetown

The good part is you can make your own neighborhood and thus, increase the number.

Moreover, you can build easily a five-story house rather just an old two-story house.

Detailed decorating options are also available in it.

Furthermore, you can give further detailing to a Sim’s appearance is also a possibility.

Even, you can alter small details like a smile or other facial features.

Additionally, in this design, there are several life stages up to seven.

Life Stages:

  • Babies
  • Toddlers
  • Children
  • Teens
  • Young adults
  • Adults
  • Elders

Each group has the capabilities to get better at skills.

However, babies cannot develop skills.

All the characters can age and die, too, when they are old enough.

The system of family is not the same anymore.

In this model Sims 2, the family is more diverse

Family Diversity Includes

  • Marriages
  • Breakups
  • Unions

A try for a baby feature will lead to pregnancy.

This pregnancy period lasts for three days.

There will be a child, and the child will have passed on genetics


  • Facial features
  • Personality characteristics
  • Colors of hair, skin, and eyes

Moreover, social life is updated too.

Collecting memories, receiving calls, and interaction with NPCs are possible.

Highlighted New Features

  • Fears
  • Wants
  • A complete seven day week
  • Aspirations


4. The Sims

The last spot on our list has been secured by The very 1st version of this game.

The first version of the game of this series was launched back in 2000.

Indeed. It was a massive hit.

Millions of fans around the globe were gung ho about it.

Thus, it became an overnight success and the best selling PC game in the history of gaming.

6.3 million copies were sold within the initial two years of its release.

Sims 1 Game first version of the popular game series

Moreover, The Sims 1 has an isometric representation.

However, there is no fair comparison with current graphically updated games, but back then it was way awesome.

This design acquires all the basic features of the games of this series.

Sims 1 Includes

  • Building home
  • Creating a family
  • Career progression

You can call Sims 1 a pretty primitive one.

There was no objective.

It was an open-ended game.

You can let Sims attain their personal and professional goals.

The Needs In Sims 1

  • Hunger
  • Bladder
  • Room
  • Comfort
  • Energy
  • Fun
  • Hygiene
  • Social

In Starting, You Have Options

  1. Have pre-made family
  2. You can create your customized family via choosing personality type and appearance.

The Next Thing Could Be Shifting Into A Neighborhood Where You Get Two Options

  • Buy a house
  • Buy a lot if you want to construct your house

In the case of the second option, the player gets access to 150+ elements, including furniture and architectural things.

You can have progressive relationships in the game with the NPCs that are near your house.

After marriage, the partner shifts in your house, and you can have a kid as well.

However, kids do not take long to be born, and they can be born without pregnancy.

Moreover, these children don’t take genetic traits from the parent Sims characters.

In this version, the player can experience just the three age groups.

  • Babies (only babies can age)
  • Children
  • Adults

Sims 1 allows players to have skills but these skills only adults can have

Skills For Adults In The 1st Game Of This Series

  • Creativity
  • Handiness
  • Cooking
  • Charisma
  • Cleaning
  • Logic
  • Fitness



  • Children go to school (daily)
  • Adults go to works (daily)

However, if children fail in school or getting poor grades, they will be sent to military school.

From military school, children come back.

On the alternate side, if children are performing well in school, the family gets an increase in their income.

Adults cannot miss their workday for more than two days in a row.

If they miss their workdays more than two, they will be canned.

After firing, the adult has to find another workplace.

In terms of career, the players get chance cards.

Availing these chance cards is a 50-50 because these cards can provide you gain or loss both in terms of funds or skill points.


Wrap Up:

As we have discussed and after all the detailing, it is quite clear that Sims 3 is the best Sims game which you should play.

You can try other versions too.

The Sims 2 or Sims 4

Even, you may like version 2 more than version 3 (well, it is more about personal preference)

Hope, you have a good time reading even the slightest detailing regarding These games of a series.

We are happy that we have been part of deciding on a journey which is the best Sims game to play.

Happy playing!

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