11 Best GTA V Muscle Cars-Fastest Muscle Car In GTA 5 2021

Muscle cars in Grand Theft Auto V can be fun and exciting to use in a race.

The Fastest Muscle Car in GTA 5 is a worthy Possession.

However, if you are not skillful, you might find them hard to handle.

The good part is you get various options.

After mastering handling of these cars, you can definitely be part of the best races in Grand Theft Auto V.

Well, before we start revealing the Best Muscle cars in Grand Theft Auto V, you should know that the selection is based on the upgrades.

These are undoubtedly great options to experience gaming to the next level.



11 Best GTA V Muscle Cars


1.Best GTA V Muscle Car- Declasse Sabre Turbo

Declasse Sabre Turbo muscle car was kind of destruction in muscle class in GTA V.

However, this is no longer the case.

Sabre Turbo can offer extreme acceleration as well as top speed as compared to other choices.

If you are opting for customization, it will offer a much better experience.

Customization is not only about improving its efficiency, but Sabre Turbo can look marvelously stylish if customized in the right fashion.

Thus, if you wish to have a muscle car and you go for customization as well, this will be the choice you should go for.

It is a vintage car with great custom upgrade options, and that includes V8 engine blocks and jaw-dropping interior.

Declasse Sabre Turbo Fire Design Custom car


  • Top Speed: 118.6 mph
  • Gears: 5
  • Weight: 2,866 lbs
  • Drivetrain: RWD
  • Price: $505,000
  • Dealer: Benny’s Original Motor Works
  • Spoiler: Yes
  • Engine Power: 0.282


2.Best GTA V Muscle Car- Imperator

If you are after top speed and at the same time you want your ride to be lavish, Imperator should be your choice.

When we compare speed, Imperator is better than Declasse Sabre Turbo (without the customization).

It is heavy, but its features are worth noticing.

Having this ride means that you are going with one of the best options among muscle cars in GTA V.

Moreover, its engine power is incredible.

Its dealer is Arena War.

Imperator by Vapid GTA V the deadliest car


  • Top Speed: 132.8 mph
  • Gears: 4
  • Weight: 9,720 lbs
  • Drivetrain: RWD
  • Price: $2,284,940
  • Dealer: ArenaWar
  • Spoiler: NO
  • Engine Power: 0.365



3.Best GTA V Muscle Car- DeClasse Yosemite

The Yosemite is present in our top 3 Muscle cars list for GTA V.

However, its features are somewhat similar to Pisswasser Dominator.

Thus, if you already own any of these muscle cars.

You might not need to go for Yosemite.

Of course, if you are into the style and appearance of Yosemite, you may go for it.

DeClasse Yosemite GTA V



4.Best GTA V Muscle Car– Vapid Pisswasser Dominator

The Pisswasser Dominator Muscle Car is a little faster 2 to 3 mph faster than Sabre Turbo.

It just does not only come in top speed muscle cars but also it brings an edge to you.

Well, this edge factor gets more prominent depends on the track.

This Dominator is a must-have thing because it has got the top speed.

However, it could have had even much better experience if it possesses fewer corners.

Thus, in that regard, Sabre Turbo seems a better option.

Pisswasser Dominator GTA V Best Muscle Car


  • Top Speed:  124.5 mph
  • Gears: 5
  • Weight: 3,307 lbs
  • Drivetrain: RWD
  • Price: $315,000
  • Dealer: Southern San Andreas Super Autos
  • Spoiler: Yes
  • Engine Power: 0.31


5.Best GTA V Muscle Car – Vapid Dominator

No doubt, a few years back, The Dominator was the best possible choice among all the muscle cars.

Racing with Dominator was the best experience that you could have.

However, it was long ago.

Its speed is much better than some of the cars that are present on this list.

Moreover, if you happen to race a few times with Vapid Dominator, you will become habitual at its handling.

Thus, you can convert your average experience into the excellent one.

Furthermore, it seems to be quite similar to 5th gen Ford Mustang and adding this one can make your collection better than most of the others.

Vapid Dominator Best Muscle Car GTA V


  • Top Speed: 120.25 mph
  • Gears: 5
  • Weight: 3,527 lbs
  • Drivetrain: RWD
  • Price: $35,000
  • Dealer: Southern San Andreas Super Autos
  • Spoiler: Yes
  • Engine Power: 0.29


6.Best GTA V Muscle Car –DeClasse Impaler (Arena)

This DeClasse Impaler (Arena) is as classy as its name in the GTA V Muscle Car range.

Having it is all about the experience.

A great have to HAVE “a car” for those who want to have outstanding feature cars.

The car dealer is Arena Workshop.

Moreover, the car can literally give you race experience like a champion because its features are so much in racer’s favor.

It is lighter and almost half in price than Imperator.

DeClasse Impaler (Arena) has the cornering grip of 2.400 and straight-line grip of 1.900.

It comes 3rd on the muscle car rank and 123rd position among all classes.

Impaler Best Muscle Car GTA V


  • Top Speed: 130 mph
  • Gears: 5
  • Weight: 6,803 lbs
  • Drivetrain: RWD
  • Price: $1,541,335
  • Dealer: Arena Workshop
  • Spoiler: Yes
  • Engine Power: 0.38


7.Best GTA V Muscle Car – Invetero Coquette BlackFin

Invetero Coquette BlackFin has a striking resemblance with a Sports Classic.

However, it comes under the newest addition to the muscle car.

It comes under the newest one because Rockstar updated.

Thus, this car stands on the 3rd place among all the best muscle cars in GTA V.

Moreover, it somehow resembles the real-life version of Corvette Hardtop (1957).

The curves of this choice are like a fish.

All in all, it indeed a fun drive choice plus it has got great engine sound too.

Invetero Coquette BlackFin GTA V Muscle Car


  • Top Speed: 114.25 mph
  • Gears: 4
  • Weight: 3,086 lbs
  • Drivetrain: RWD
  • Price: $695,000
  • Dealer: Legendary Motorsport
  • Spoiler: Yes
  • Engine Power: 0.29


8.Best GTA V Muscle Car – Vapid Blade

If you are looking for car options in terms of top acceleration, Vapid Blade will be apt the choice.

However, its understeer can be problematic for many, but it is till you get habitual of it.

Once you are in good practice, understeer will not be an issue.

Moreover, Vapid Blade is an apt choice for curvier tracks but for a straight track race; it is not a suitable one.

As per the description of Southernsanandreassuperautos.com, it is a ” classic American muscle car.”

They are saying so because it crossed the highest selling point in American history, but it is inexpensive to make.

Furthermore, it has two blades.

Vapid Blade GTA V Muscle Car


  • Top Speed: 109.75 mph
  • Gears: 5
  • Weight: 2,646 lbs
  • Drivetrain: RWD
  • Price: $160,000
  • Dealer: Southern San Andreas Super Autos
  • Spoiler: Yes
  • Engine Power: 0.324


9.Best GTA V Muscle Car – Imponte Dukes

Imponte Dukes is a massive car and a massive hit.

Why is it so?

It is because it contains quite good stats in overall ratings.

If you can handle Imponte Dukes, you can go well with any muscle car on the list.

There are all sorts of muscle cars, but if you are in search of a muscle car that offers you the same potential in all races without giving you surprises, go for Imponte Dukes.

Moreover, it has a loud exhaust, huge engine.

The style is of 1970’s American Muscle car.

Imponte Dukes GTA V top Muscle Cars


  • Top Speed: 112.5 mph
  • Gears: 5
  • Weight: 3,527 lbs
  • Drivetrain: RWD
  • Price: $62,000
  • Dealer: Southern San Andreas Super Autos
  • Spoiler: Yes
  • Engine Power: 0.32


10.Best GTA V Muscle Car – Dominator GTX

Dominator GTX is pure beauty. It has such a huge and jaw-dropping exterior.

It has a humongous style and features to offer in a good range.

This car will get better with time because the handling will get easier and easier.

When you have it, you can come in the top ten easily with even bad handling as the features are quite supportive in that regard.

Dominator GTX GTA V top Muscle Cars


  • Top Speed: 108.75 mph
  • Gears: 5
  • Weight: 8,117 lbs
  • Drivetrain: RWD
  • Price: $725,000
  • Dealer: Southern San Andreas Super Autos
  • Spoiler: N/A
  • Engine Power: 0.335


11.Best GTA V Muscle Car – Ruiner 2000

Ruiner 2000 is one of the most lavish options among all the muscle cars in GTA V muscle cars.

The price is pretty high.

However, the features are great, but you can get the very same features in a much cheaper price range.

Well, one who wants to spend and add a lavish choice, this is the car for that person.

Moreover, its weight is light as compared to most of the cars on the list.

It has five gears.

Furthermore, its cornering grip is 2.100, and straight-line grip is 1.800.

It comes on the 28th number in muscle cars and 217th among all classes.

Additionally, its brakeforce is 1 and brake bias 65% to the front.

Thus, it is a reasonable option to have.

Ruiner 2000 GTA v


  • Top Speed: 118.75 mph
  • Gears: 5
  • Weight: 2,866 lbs
  • Drivetrain: RWD
  • Price: $4,745,600
  • Dealer: N/A
  • Spoiler: N/A
  • Engine Power: 0.33


Wrap Up:

As we have said already having the Fastest Muscle Car In GTA 5 is worthy possession but once you get the handling right.

Thus, you should practice more to take your gaming experience to the maximum level.


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