Amazon Affiliates 2021-How to choose the best Amazon NICHES!

Amazon Affiliates 2021 || How to choose the best NICHES! Let’s find out!

Nowadays most people want to earn money with Amazon but they actually don’t know how to find a niche on Amazon and earn too much money from Amazon.

They simply search the niche with the help of Amazon niche finder tool and work on it but man that’s not the way.

In this publication I will show you how to choose the best Amazon niches using my technique, a technique that will save you a lot of time, and, above all, it will help you to choose the most profitable products to create niche markets.

I would like to tell you that I’m only going to use free Amazon niche finder tools, and not many, so be quiet, because what you’re about to read, is something unprecedented, that gives money, and, above all, with contrasting data.


Profitable Amazon Niches Created With This Methodology:

Today, the vast majority of affiliate marketing gurus, when searching for Amazon niches, recommend the same thing: buy subscriptions of very expensive Amazon niche finder tools such as Ahref, SEMrush,, etc.

I will not deny that you can find niches with these Amazon niche finder tools, but you will always find the same Amazon niches that thousands of people already have, with which you will have to create a niche with brutal competition (even if it is a small niche, it does not matter, you will have many people developing them).

The other big problem now in 2021, is the Amazon API affiliates and the second one is how to find top selling items on Amazon.

Now we discuss the first problem that Amazon closed the tap of the APIS and therefore there are many people looking for information on how to get the Amazon API, and, although it seems absurd, get the blissful API is very simple, you just have to sell 3 products and forget to create niches.

I recommend you read this publication, where I share how to find niche on Amazon and also tells you about how to find top selling items on Amazon (I recommend you go to that publication and then return to this) after reading this, you will stop being a digital zombie creating a lots of nonsense sites.

Worst of all, is that most people follow the same pattern when developing the niche, that is, choose the keywords with the help of Amazon niche finder and begin to perform analyzes, reviews, etc.

The best software to find niches is in your brain”.

My technique departs from all those processes that are taking thousands of people who follow the gurus and mostly gurus suggest you find the best niche with the help of Amazon niche finder tools that are available in the market and work on that niche.

More than half of my niches, I’ve chosen them with this technique,  not with the Amazon niche finder tool that has cost me about 5 years to develop, and believe me, it really works! Why am I convinced that it works?

Because it is something different, powerful, and, above all, because it is developed with the brain, and everything that is done using our best muscle, always goes well.

In addition, it involves a series of added strategies that make this technique one of the most powerful and reliable when it comes to how to find a niche on Amazon.

Anyone could have developed this technique, what happens is that very few people dedicate hundreds of hours to study the categories of Amazon, and very few people study the sales statistics of their niches.

To give you an idea, every fifteen days, I download the reports of all my niches, to obtain data of the bestselling products and those that have the best commission.

Let me tell you that with this new technique to find niches, not only create a niche as such (create a website to recommend products and ready), you will also create a brand, and that brand, will give you a lot of money if you develop it as I am revealing in my step by step guide to creating successful online stores.

This technique is valid, both for those who already have a niche created, or, for which they do not even buy the domain name.

If you are one of those who do not yet have a domain, let me tell you which parts have a small advantage since you can choose a smart domain name, that is short, and that it is NOT an EMD domain (Exact Match Domain), why? Because with my technique you will not only recommend a specific product, you will be able to attack a series of profitable products.

The most recommendable thing is that your domain is a simple, innovative domain, easy to remember and that is not so long, etc.

Phase 1 To Find The Best Niche Markets Of Amazon Affiliates

In the first phase, I will tell you that how to find niche on Amazon this the first step of Amazon affiliate, you can find best Amazon niche with the help of Amazon niche finder but this is not the correct way because Amazon niche finder tools will always show you the same niches that most of the people already have.

Thus, if you want to know how to find a niche on Amazon without the Amazon finder tool, I will explain below all the things that how to find a niche on Amazon without any Amazon niche finder, my best technique is given below.


Knowing Commission Rates

How to find niche on Amazon? To fulfill this sentence first we will know the most profitable Amazon categories.

This is very easy to know since Amazon makes it very clear in one of its help pages.

In it, you can see the following box with the commissions by categories you can check all the details on its official website.

Although it may seem incredible to you, most people, when they start a niche market, do so by choosing the 3.5% commission categories, where they are: IT, TV, video, mobile, video games, software, etc.

It is true that in this section, the products are sold on a daily basis, but, not for that reason, we have to get rights there to create a niche.

I’m sure that people choose products of that category because they hardly have information, or, because they follow the advice of the “niche connoisseurs” on YouTube that tells about the Amazon niche finder free and paid tools and many more things.

However, you will not be one more of the bunch, because, with the information you’ll find in this article, you can climb several steps above them, and go to the real profitable products (then I’ll tell you how to choose the most profitable products).


First Micro-Technique But Very Effective

For this technique, we will completely forget about the 3.5% categories (although you could also apply it with products from there). We will concentrate on the 5%, 7%, and 10%.

For the experience, I have selected data for products from my previous work, and also for the experience, I have been selling my own products at Amazon, I know that many sellers list the products in different categories to which the product belongs.

In electronics products, a lot happens, since it is an effective marketing technique to change the product that you sell in Amazon, in a less competitive category that has something to do with the product.

For example, in the category and sub-categories of Sport and Air (7%) free, there are thousands of products that actually belong to Electronics (3.5), which, when I want to recommend gadgets, I always look first at “Sports and outdoors.”


So What Is The Basis Of This First Micro-Strategy To Look For Market Niches?

Very simple, if you like electronics, or want to recommend products that are in the category of 3.5% commission, we recommend that before showing the offers in your niche (with the plugin Content Egg) you review very well all the categories of Amazon in case the same product, or, some similar, was not for the categories of more percentage.

Similarly, be very careful if you get into the niche of the clothes, why?

Because as we have mentioned you before, Amazon marketers create marketing strategies by changing their category products, with which you can find pants, shoes, shirts, etc that have a 10% in their original category, posts in other categories of less percentage.

Always, always, you have to look at what category is the product or products that you are going to recommend, so you are clear what your commissions will be, with it you can evaluate in a few months (8 or 12 months) the profitability of your niche.

But calm, when you read the whole technique you can create very profitable niches, you’ll see, but please, do not skip any paragraph, keep reading correlatively.


How Do I Know In Which Category Each Product Is Within Amazon?

It’s very easy, you just have to go to the product file on Amazon, and look at the main category in which the product is listed: From that section, you can always see what category is the product you want to recommend from your niche.


Phase 2 To Find The Best Niches Of Amazon

How Can I Find Out Which Are The Best-Selling Products In Each Category?

Many people don’t know how to find top selling items on Amazon for this second phase of the technique, you have to know how to find top selling items on Amazon.

You can check it from the Amazon official website from there, you can enter all the categories of Amazon to see which are the 100 best-selling products of each of them.

Why should you be interested in knowing this? Because it is not the same to choose a product that is in position 3000 than to choose one that is in the top 100.

You can also see the product ranking from its tab.

In that section you will find several rankings, the one that is really interesting, is the high ranking niche below the ranking of the subcategories also appears, which is also important, but the one that interesting in this case is the main high ranking niche.

This data is vital to take into account when we create a niche because if you choose many products with a ranking between 1000, 3000, 5000, etc., you will sell very little.

Even if you are in the top 10 on Google, and very few people are aware of this, but you will not fall into this error, because you are lucky enough to be here and reading this smart niche selecting article.

The products that are in the sub-categories of the top 100, you have to know them to choose with «tweezers», because, if you choose any for the simple fact of being in the top 10 bestsellers, you risk positioning a product that, although be in the top 10 bestselling on Amazon, have few sales from Google.

I have products selling on Amazon, and I can assure you that, with only 9 sales per month, my product has been placed in the top 3 of the best-sellers within the subcategory where I had it on Amazon.


How To Detect Products With Many Sales Within The Sub-Categories?

As I mentioned above, the fact that a product within a sub-category is in the top 1, top 2, top 3, does not guarantee that product has many sales, so … how can I find out if a product has smooth sales?

By the comments! If a product is, for example, in the top 20 and has 300 comments, without a doubt, that is a good product for a niche.

On the contrary, if a product is in the top 1 or 2 and has few comments (2 or 3) that product sells very little.

Browsing the subcategories of 7%, we can find a lot of products with many sales and very profitable in the long run, since they would be like a kind of evergreen products (which are always sold).

Do not limit yourself only to the top 10, search for these products up to the top 100 and in all subcategories, I tell you from experience, because, with this technique, I could find in the top 70 products that are sold very fluid, which they do not leave much commission, but, if you sell enough, it will make up for it.

Important Recommendations Before Starting To Choose A Profitable Niche in Amazon

Domain Name

It is very important that your domain is generic, that it does not have product names, that is, DO NOT choose domain EMD, forget about them.

Choose an innovative domain name, short, simple to remember, and if you want to choose one with the keyword, choose one that is generic, that does not cover a specific topic.

Why is it important that the domain is NOT EMD? Because the final intention is that this domain name (3 or 4 years from now) is your brand, and that brand can be converted into a company.

If you already have a niche with keyword (EMD), my recommendation will be to leave it as it is and buy a new domain as we have explained above, so you start from scratch the niche (even if it is the same), but this time applying my technique.

I’m sure you’ll be surprised by everything you’re going to achieve.

Choose The First Niche with My Technique, But Not Anyone, But One In Which You Are Going To Be An Expert

Now it’s time to choose a niche, but please, do not choose with the help of Amazon niche finder tool, only follow my technique, and above all, choose one that you control, or, one in which you commit yourself to be an expert, otherwise, you will be one more niche of the bunch.

Dedicate time to investigate the entire niche you have to activate the subconscious of each person who enters your hybrid, making you understand that you are an expert in your niche.

Wrap Up:

We have reached the end folks. I explain all the things in this article like Amazon niche finder tool, how to find a niche on Amazon and many more. I would like to help you not only with this article, but in everything you need, so, do not hesitate to visit our other articles so you can find the answer to any of the questions that may arise after reading this article.


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