How To Add Your Website To Google Search Console In 2021

Let’s learn how to add your website to Google Search Console.

Do you want to add your site to Google Search Console? but just before you can check things related to “add property feature”, it asks you to verify your site.

Well, Google site verification is about giving the proof that you own this site in reality, which you are trying to add in Search Console.

Google will not allow everyone those powers which an owner can have.

Therefore, Google asks you to complete Google search console verification before it can let you manage the site.

The good thing is the process is quite easy, and it is possible to verify your site in Google search console in different ways.


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What Is Google Webmaster Tools/ Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is basically a free tool.

This web services tool is rendered by Google Inc.

The Tool Lets Owners

  • Confirm indexation of the site submit of a sitemap
  • Fix issues that are relatable to mobile usability and overall site performance
  • Monitor current site performance

Moreover, whenever any error gets identified, Google search console sends an email alert.

You can also fix those errors to keep the site performance better and smooth.


Add Property on Google Search console or webmaster tool

Verification Of Your Site Via Search Console:

For the verification process in the search console, you should have a Gmail account which you can use for signing up and login process into webmaster tools.

Website Submission To Search Console Step By Step

  • Log in to search console dashboard.
  • Right side of the monitor/ laptop screen
  • you will see “add property section.”
  • Add property on Google search console.
  • Click it and add your site URL followed by Https/ Http Protocol.


Https protocol is recommended as it is one of the ranking factors too.

Google scans website/ websites automatically and after completion of scanning, you will be asked to verify ownership.


Add Property type google search console


Methods To Verify Ownership

verification method on Google Search console or webmaster tool

  • HTML Tag
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Domain Name Provider

Four different ways are available through which you can confirm your ownership for the site.

However, among all these methods adding Meta tag in the section is the simplest method till this date.


Google Site Verification Meta Tag On A WordPress Site

verify ownership of Google Search console or webmaster tool

Click HTML Tag Section

Copy the code (Meta tag code), in your WP-admin follow this path

  • Appearance
  • Editor
  • Header.php file
  • <head> section

verify ownership with meta tag

Once you place/paste the Meta tag code, click the tab “verify” on search console.


Submission Via Yoast Plugin

A different method to verify can be the use of Yoast Plug-in.

Yoast is one of the SEO plug-ins. It assists users in monitoring SEO metrics.

Thus, the users can optimize On SEO via

  • Regulating readability score
  • Insertion of keywords
  • Meta description addition
  • Configuring verification with an easy approach


Website Verification Via Yoast Plugin

verify website via yoast SEO

Step By Step:

To add the SEO Yoast Plugin, follow this path

  • Go to Plugin
  • Add New
  • Search Plugin
  • Search Yoast
  • Activate Yoast Plugin


After installation and activation follow this path

verify website with yoast SEO

  • Click SEO
  • General
  • Paste verification code
  • Visit search console
  • Click on verify


Once the site is verified, do not remove Meta tag to keep your website verified on Search Engine.


Submit Sitemap To Google Search Engine

Submit sitemap to google search console

If you have Yoast configuration on your site correctly, there is no need to create a separate site map. This is because Yoast tends to generate a sitemap for every website automatically.


How To Check Sitemap When Yoast Activation Is Present On The Site?

  • Https://your
  • Http://your

Once you have a sitemap, now submit it into webmaster tool for the indexation process.

Follow the path for submission into the webmaster tool

  • Copy URL of Sitemap on your website
  • Open search console Dashboard
  • Choose sitemap
  • Paste sitemap URL
  • Click Submit


What Is Sitemap?

A sitemap is a file that carries information about your website.

The site map is present in the form of a list.

Moreover, search engines use this sitemap for further indexation of the site.

For example, Google uses Google bots to crawl XML sitemap.

Hence, it is a mandatory step that prior to submitting URL on any search engine your site should have a sitemap.

Moreover, this news is confirmed that having a sitemap can speed up the indexing process.


New Method For URL Submission:

Inspect URL in google search console

Search Console has various modifications recently, and one of those modifications is URL submission with a better user-friendly platform.

Search console is not providing fetch as Google feature currently.

However, the users can inspect the website URL manually in the search console via URL inspection tab.

Google bot crawls and sees if the submitted URL has any bugs/ errors after approval, Google either add it in a queue or instantly index (depends on the particular scenario).


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Wrap Up:

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