1 $ Into PKR-15th Jan 2019, Is It The Lowest Rate, Really?

1 $ is equal to 76.25 Pakistani Rupees.

We are not kidding; this is what Google has been showing for the last couple of hours if you search conversion of 1 $ into PKR.

1 $ into PKR

Wait, this is some kind of joke or what?

Well, apparently, it is a mistake via google system. However, still, there has not been any explanation what so ever.

People have started taking the notice almost 3 hours back and still; there is no advancement. The conversion rates for 1 $ into PKR are still the same if you check on Google directly.

However, the famous sites, definitely not showing the similar statics and their reporting pretty much in sequence and they are showing the usual statistics.

If you are interested, you may go and check on tradingview.com, quite authentic for checking any such info.


1 $ into PKR

The interesting fact is, Google is showing the same results worldwide, yes, a simple search in the US or the UK will show you the same results.

This is something extremely weird, now, because Google has been the most popular search engine more than a decade. If something like this is coming from the most popular search engine, this will not be small. 



1 $ into PKR? What is the reaction of the people of Pakistan? 1 $ into PKR

Meanwhile, in Pakistan, people have taken this thing to their social media profiles- wall; status; and posts. Right now, they are sharing different memes and funny posts.

Almost everyone, who is awake at this hour, knows this thing and taking it on a lighter note.




Is it a non-popular term- 1 $ into PKR?  1 $ into PKR

It is quite interesting to note that somewhere around 22,000 to 25,000 people monthly search for this term- 1 $ into PKR or some other relevant terms.

These 20 K plus figures are just for this one US currency term, the other currencies that Google is displaying wrong are the talk of certainly another post. This is not a small thing. 




How trusted is Google in Pakistan? 1 $ into PKR

Usually, in Pakistan, people do not expect such mishandling from the Google side because, in Pakistan, Google has been an authentic source for getting any information.

So, this is little disappointing for those who literally take any word from Google as authentic as it can be.

Moreover, people who deal in currency conversion are pretty serious about their business. So any such non-professional thing will indeed be enough to take those businessmen taking a step back on Google’s authenticity.



What about other currencies? 1 $ into PKR

Moreover, there is something more, not only for US dollar but actually for different other foreign currencies google is showing the wrong readings.

This is now something quite eccentric because this thing is getting more and more serious. However, most likely in the next 24 hours some sort of explanation of this scenario is expected via Google or maybe not.


Final comment

Google actually takes these snippet results from a third party website and just because that third party website has a bug in it. the whole thing took place. 

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